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Light EST 41MM

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By our very nature, we’re adventurers, free of limitations, always seeking new wonders, forever driven by our curiosity and burning questions. The world may seem frightening at first, a vast canvas of bliss and danger that awaits exploration, forever unpredictable. Like a ship, you feel secure at port. But idleness isn’t your purpose. Release your anchor, and set sail for the world.

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Light EST41

All of our products are crafted with special care and respect for you and nature. We always use as many environmentally friendly materials as possible when making our products.

Prosawood watches tick to the high-quality mechanisms of Switzerland and Japan. We use only the best materials—sapphire and mineral glass—to construct our watches.

A big part of creating our wristwatches lies in our handicraft. To offer you the very best, we screen all our watches through a strict quality control procedure before they land on your wrist.

Want to stand out from the crowd or offer a loved one a special gift? You can even add your own special engraving to the bottom of any of our watches to make them truly personal!

make your watch unique

Add personal engraving


One thing that sets Prosawood apart from other brands is that we offer the opportunity to personalize our products. And our customers love it! Nearly 90% of the watches we sell are shipped with an engraving. The remaining 10% probably didn’t find the place where the engraving can be added or they were in a hurry and didn’t think we could do it so quickly; believe us, we can! 😉

By adding an engraving to the watch, you make it unique and add value to it! No one else in the world has another! Having made thousands of engravings, we can say from our experience that a beautiful symbol or a cute thought makes a watch much more valuable for the recipient. Not sure what to engrave? Maybe you can find a design you like in our engraving module or we will be happy to help you with your idea.

from idea to execution

How are Prosawood watches born?

Have you ever wondered how wooden watches are created and made? Creating a design and technical part is one of the most important steps in making a watch dignified and durable. In fact, the most time-consuming activity in the whole process is product creation and it often requires a lot of prototyping and testing before you can think of larger production. Once the idea and vision are in place, the next step is to start creating a product that requires a lot of different details and different machines for each detail to get all these parts ready. A very important task is assembly, which requires a great deal of dexterity and experience so that every detail can be set up beautifully and correctly. As you can see from the picture and the short description, creating something new is a very time-consuming and complicated job and requires coherent work of many experienced parties and many hours of work. As the previous story was only a very brief summary of the creation process, if you are interested, you can read more about creating products on our blog.


Just as the most important part of the car is engine, the first indicator of the quality of a watch is what makes it tick, i.e. the movement. Various movement manufacturers won’t tell you much, but you’ve probably heard that the best watches come from Switzerland or Japan. Why? Because the experience and tradition of making watches in these countries goes back several centuries and their technology has been constantly developed.

The movements of Prosawood watches have also undergone great development and compared to the beginning, it’s night and day. Since our goal is always to offer the best, our movements also come from Japan or Switzerland—depending on the model. In order to keep the price of the watches affordable, we have so far used the world’s most common movements—battery-powered quartz movements. For most watch wearers, it is more convenient to change the battery every few years than to wind up the watch every morning and make sure it doesn’t stop during the middle of the day.

There is a difference between glass and glass

Why does Prosawood use sapphire glass?

It is known that most watches have glass to protect them from getting any dust between the glass and the dial. However, fewer people know that there is a HUGE difference between glass and glass. Cheaper brands usually use ordinary acrylic glass on their watches. By their nature, they are not even real glass but made of plastic. This kind of “glass” breaks easily and, to be honest, scratch resistance is more of an empty phrase than a reality. However, this is by no means enough for our standards.

However, the strengthened mineral glass and sapphire glass, which we also use on Prosawood watches, are completely another world. Sapphire crystal, for example, is truly valued in the world of watches and is also used by all of the most expensive and exclusive brands in the world. As the name suggests, sapphire crystal is made of this precious stone (usually synthetic), which is why their price is much crisper than others. However, our goal is always to offer the best, so we do not make any compromises here.


For every product sold, the Prosawood team will plant one tree in the soil for you. We have been doing this since 2016!

At Prosawood, we do our best to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That’s why we always try to use the most environmentally friendly techniques and tools possible in the production of our products. When wearing our products, you can rest assured that no trees from the rainforest have been cut down in order to make them. What’s more, hundreds of Prosawood products can be made from just one tree! 🙂

You can find out more information about our tree-planting days on our website.