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TRIBE - Prosawood
TRIBE - Prosawood
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By our very nature, we’re adventurers, free of limitations, always seeking new wonders, forever driven by our curiosity and burning questions. The world may seem frightening at first, a vast canvas of bliss and danger that awaits exploration, forever unpredictable. Like a ship, you feel secure at port. But idleness isn’t your purpose. Release your anchor, and set sail for the world.

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Estonian design
Swiss watch movement
Sapphire glass
Leather bands
Wooden box included
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TRIBE - Prosawood

Prosawood’s wristwatches are crafted with special care and respect for you and the nature. We always use environmentally-friendly materials to create our watches.

A very important part in creating our watches lies on handicraft. While creating the watches, we go over every detail in order to offer you the best quality. For this, all of over products go through an additional quality control before landing on your wrist.

With model ”Tribe“ we put really strong emphasis on the durability of the watch. The watch ticks thanks to durable Swiss movement. The watch has really durable Sapphire glass which for example is used by Apple in their smartwatches.

Part of the case is made from durable stainless steel which is commonly used in the jewelry and watch market around the world. The special ingredients do not let your watch tarnish or corrode

A solid combination of wood, metal and leather make “Tribe” one of the most desired watch for everyday watch wearer as for white-collar’s.