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Sun - Wood watch - Estonian design - Prosawood
Sun - Wood watch - Estonian design - Prosawood
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Sun - Wood watch - Estonian design - Prosawood
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By our very nature, we’re adventurers, free of limitations, always seeking new wonders, forever driven by our curiosity and burning questions. The world may seem frightening at first, a vast canvas of bliss and danger that awaits exploration, forever unpredictable. Like a ship, you feel secure at port. But idleness isn’t your purpose. Release your anchor, and set sail for the world.

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Estonian design
Swiss movement
Sapphire glass
Made of maple and sandalwood tree
Wooden storage box
Free engraving on the back
Naturally tanned leather bands
Easily changeable bands
Ship out time 1-3 workdays
Sun - Wood watch - Estonian design - Prosawood


At first, you may associate the sun with hot weather and sand, but that need not be the only image that comes to mind. The sun is a source of warmth that can be found in each of us. No matter how different we are as people, we still have something in common—the sun that shines over our heads. Our wooden watch Sun is designed to suggest that departmentalisation won’t carry us forward in life. Everyone has sadness and joy, a little good and a little bad. If opposites can exist together inside us, who’s to say they can’t also melt into one on a special wooden watch?