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About us

Prosawood was founded in 2014 in Estonia, born from the seeds of a simple idea one muggy evening. A bold departure from modern design, Prosawood offers an affordable and quality alternative to traditional brands with its elegant wooden accessories.


We seek to bring a piece of nature that can be sensed both physically and emotionally to modern life. Our unique wooden products are perfect for anyone who is inspired by nature and appreciates its beauty.


We want to offer people the feeling of owning something truly unique with our custom wood accessories. We value quality craftsmanship, creative design, and environmental friendliness. Our vision is to unite people who share our values and create a community of enthusiasts without state or ethnic borders.


Albert Einstein once said that looking deeply into nature can offer greater insight into life. At Prosawood, we honor nature by bringing you closer to its heart—the trees that help us breathe, shade our planet, and form the walls of our homes. We craft our products with the utmost care to minimize our impact on the environment.


Prosawood is not just a brand—it’s a lifestyle! There’s a vast world of exciting opportunities to be experienced in the span of a single lifetime. We love to sense and discover the world for ourselves and to reconnect with nature. Feel the same way? Come join us! Check out our blog, Instagram, and Facebook for regular posts.


Everything is unique in nature—there is no identical person, animal, or tree. This is precisely our goal at Prosawood: to offer something distinctive, something special. We always consider your wishes when creating a product, be it a small dedication on the inside of a watch, a unique design pattern on a phone case, or a custom engraving on an eyeglass frame.