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At Prosawood, we use only the highest quality lenses in our glasses. Our optical lenses are supplied by AB Medical Group, one of the leading vendors of optical products and equipment in Estonia and the Baltic states. We use internationally recognized MR-8 premium-class lenses that have a thinning index of 1.6 and offer advantages such as:

  • Hard coating (scratch proof)
  • Antireflective coating
  • Super hydrophobic coating (water and dust repellent)
  • Antistatic coating
  • Up to 30% thinner than regular glass
  • Up to 20% lighter than regular glass
  • 100% UV protection


Each of our wooden frames is a unique piece of craftsmanship that has taken great skill and effort to produce. Our designs and final finishes come to life in the sweet, creative city of Tartu, right here in Estonia, and the wooden blanks are supplied to us by a manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We always use environmentally friendly materials and methods to reduce our ecological footprint.


In addition, our wooden frames are light and elegant, boasting features such as:

  • Durability—our special finishing ties wood fibres into one cohesive whole, making the wooden frames especially durable
  • Spring hinges—ensure maximum comfort when wearing your pair, helping your glasses adjust to your head shape
  • Unmatched value—unlike companies that mass produce generic products, we take our time to carefully prepare your custom order
  • Environmental friendliness—make your purchase with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re not funding deforestation or habitat destruction