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The e-gift card will be sent to your e-mail within 5 minutes after the purchase.

An e-Gift Card is a great idea if you can’t decide which Prosawood product your friend might like the most. Choose the amount you want to surprise your friend with and add the card to the cart. It’s that simple!

Each e-gift card has a special code, which you can enter in our e-shop cart and it automatically calculates the corresponding amount for prepayment.

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e-gift card conditions

1. E-gift card will be sent to your e-mail within 5 minutes after the purchase.

2. E-gift card values are 30 €, 50 €, 100 € and 150 €.

3. E-gift card can be used on our web shop www.prosawoodshop.com for all products.

4. E-gift card is valid for half a year from the date of purchase.

5. E-gift card is not personal – it can be passed on to third parties.

6. If the cost of the desired products exceeds the value of the e-gift card, the cardholder will pay for them additionally. If the cost of the selected product is less than the value of the e-gift card, the unused balance will not be paid out.

7. E-gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.

8. An expired card cannot be used to purchase products.

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For every product sold, the Prosawood team will plant one tree in the soil for you. We have been doing this since 2016!

At Prosawood, we do our best to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That’s why we always try to use the most environmentally friendly techniques and tools possible in the production of our products. When wearing our products, you can rest assured that no trees from the rainforest have been cut down in order to make them. What’s more, hundreds of Prosawood products can be made from just one tree! 🙂

You can find out more information about our tree-planting days on our website.