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Snow Leopard symbolizes courage, intuition, and gives you the courage to claim what you want in life, facing the wild world knowing your self-worth. Do you feel the same?

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lens grinding

Prosawood’s lenses are cut by a licenced expert with 20 years of experience in this field. For best results, keep in mind that it’s crucial that the information on your prescription is up-to-date with the current condition of your vision. If the prescription is old and your vision has changed in the meantime, it’s not possible to get accurate results even with the best lenses. We select a suitable lens based on your prescription and, taking into account the pupillary distance, mount the lens to the frames so that the centre of the lens is aligned with the pupil. Because each pair of our wooden frames is unique, the process of cutting the prescription lenses actually begins with scanning the lens groove in the frames. After that, the lens is placed in the machine and the glass is ground based on the results of the scan. Each lens is cut specifically for the frames in which it will later be placed. After cutting, the work is inspected for quality and post-processed, after which the lenses can be mounted in the frames and delivered to the customer.


Technology and properties

Each wooden spectacle frame is unique and requires a lot of skill and craftmanship to make. Combining precision technology, engineering and a fine sense of style with our product development, we have created something different. 10 ultra-thin layers of wood compressed with special glue and high pressure allow us to offer thinner and more comfortable, but especially durable wooden spectacle frames. Prosawood’s new technology sunglasses are one of the strongest of their kind in the world!

Our eyewear models are universal, which means they fit equally well with almost everyone. Therefore, we have not considered it necessary to separate them by gender into men’s or women’s glasses. Prosawood wooden prescription glasses are the right choice for those who dare to stand out from the gray mass.