Prosawood Plants 2019Published: 16.04.2019

Dear friend!

We guess you already know we like to give more than take. You have probably heard also, that we plant a tree for every product we sell!
For the fourth time, we are happy to ask you to join us! Even though we don’t plan to crush any World records this year, we still need your help!

When? Where?

04. may 2019, 12PM, Vara, Tartumaa, Estonia. You will find the exact location on the map.

What's going to happen?

We’re going to do some good to the nature, enjoy a pleasant company and plant 3000 new trees!
Of course we have some surprises for you as well 🙂


11.50-12.00 Gathering
12.00-12.20 Opening. A few words about what’s going to happen.
12.20-15.00 Planting. Time to plant some trees! That’s why we came here, right?! 🙂
15.00-15.30 Ending and time for group fotos.

What will you get from us?

  • everything nesseccary for planting
  • good mood music
  • refreshing drink and a small snack
  • super feeling for doing something good!

What we expect?

  • high spirit
  • appropriate clothing
  • work gloves, if you find them nesseccary

NB! Make sure to let us know about your participation in our FB event!

See you at Prosawood Plants 2019! 🙂