Six good reasons to prefer ProsawoodPublished: 21.03.2017

You’re looking and comparing but can’t decide what to choose… We’ll help you! Here are six good reasons why You should choose Prosawood!


1. A product sold = a tree planted

We believe that social responsibility is something more than just a click of sound. Each spring we plant at least as many new trees as we have sold our products throughout the year. This year we planted nearly 4000 of them!

2. Handicraft

All of our products are as much hand made as possible. This way we can be sure, that they are all equally high quality and made with the right touch. You can be sure, there are no identical wooden watch, sunglasses, optical glasses or phone covers in the world!

3. Unique design

We work really hard to make sure our products are designed to perfection. When wearing Prosawood, You don’t have to worry about looking like a fish in the pond when walking down the street.

4. Personality

Personality is one thing in which we can’t make concessions. In most cases we allow You to add Your own thoughts as well – whether it’s an engraving on the back of the watch or a phonecase designed by yourself.

5. Fast delivery

We know what it feels like to wait for eternity, if You have just ordered something cool. We promise to give our best, to get our products to You as soon as possible. In most cases we ship them out in 1-7 workdays!

6. Free shipping

For orders of 50€ or more, the shipping is free! Anytime. Anywhere!

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