Hiking and camping…Published: 06.04.2017

The World around us is constantly changing. New information smothers us from everywhere. Sometimes You just feel that it’s time to take some time off and go to somewhere without anything or anyone but nature.

Prosawood recently went to clear our thoughts in a place where it all started – Norway. We have always had some special attraction to this country. Is it the enchanting views and beautiful places or the crispy mountain air – we don’t know. Anyway, it’s one of those countries, which will always remain in our hearts.

Our destination this time was western part of Norway. We made our plans to hop by Eidjord and then head to Bergen. And we didn’t had to regret it! Those unbelievable places and breathtaking silence… Can You imagine yourself sitting on the top of a mountain, looking at stars and grilling marshmallows? Well we didn’t either 😊

In life, the best things happen when You step off the highway. The same thing applies when it comes to hiking – You can only discover greatest places when You turn off from the main road. With our trip it was the same – the best places with indelible memories were found while travelling the hardest roads.

You never truly realize how much nature can give You before You take a trip like this. Good ideas never born when You want them to. They only arise while being relaxed… Can You think of any better place to think than in a small boat in the middle of a fantastic mountain lake? This trip didn’t only gave us peace in mind but also inspiration to create our new sunglasses model „Mountains“.

Norway is a big country and 95% of it still needs to be discovered. But this won’t definitely be our last time to visit this country of ultimate nature. New thoughts, peace of mind, new understanding of nature…. Whatever we write – You have to see it Yourself. So if You haven’t made Your travelling plans for this year yet, You just might consider Norway. We also added a quick video of our trip, in case You still hesitate.

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