Prosawood Plants 2017Published: 13.05.2017

Prosawood Plants 2017

On May 15th, the first public Prosawood Plants gathering was held—a day full of joyful people, good music, and pleasant planting. What could be better? Thank you to everyone who took their time to join us in this noble purpose!

Almost 4000 new trees

We planted nearly 4000 saplings thanks to the efforts of 40 wonderful people. And while 4000 trees is far more than what we had hoped for, there’s really no such thing as too much when it comes to giving back to nature. Of course, we didn’t forget to thank all of our lovely helpers—we handed out lots of cool Prosawood merchandise and products at the event. You can view more photos of our gathering here.

Kuuse istik käes

Let's make the world a better place together—one tree at a time! 🙂