Why Is e-Commerce So Popular?Published: 23.09.2017

e-commerce vs regular shop Prosawood

What would grandma say?

Our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet. I suppose grandma would lament about how today’s youth are ruined and that people will soon use the toilet virtually… I mean, we’ve got the emojis for it, so maybe grandma has a point.

But not everything is bad when it comes to the Internet. Let’s take e-commerce as an example. I’m more than certain that it will soon be hard to find someone who’s never shopped online. Have you ever considered why e-commerce is so popular? It’s not that conventional shopping is bad—it’s just that online shopping is better! Let’s take a look at why that is.


One of the main reasons why we prefer e-commerce is personality. You may be wondering whether anything can really be personalized in a virtual world—but it can! Prosawood’s e-shop lets you personalize most accessories by adding special engravings to them. Instead of trying to explain what “:” and “)” mean to a shopkeeper, you can save lots of time and insert your own engraving right there on our website. Just select a product you like, follow the instructions, and there you go—lots of precious time saved. And don’t worry—our designer will take a look at your creation before engraving it. This will guarantee that the outcome looks nice 🙂


We all know how annoying it can be to spend hours upon hours in a crowded store and still end up walking out without anything you actually like. Buying products from e-shops is much easier than buying them from a physical store. Though online shopping takes time too, it’s far quicker and more convenient—because you can literally do it from anywhere. That in turn means less stress and more time to do the things you really want to do.


When you visit a traditional mall or shop, you probably never consider the journey a product goes through to arrive on the shelf. There are wholesalers, middlemen, and even the store itself. All of these things generate expenses for a business—the kinds of expenses that e-shops don’t have. When shopping online, most goods are delivered directly to you, so you can get exactly the same product for much less money. No complaints there, right?

Buy whenever you want

You just got off from work, drove to the store, and realized it closed 10 minutes ago. But hey—you wouldn’t run into that problem with online shopping because e-shops (including Prosawood’s) are open 24/7 and 365 days a year! And the stats speak for themselves—1 out of 5 people who’ve shopped from our selection have only done so when nightclubs and gas stations are usually open. Maybe you’re one of those night owls? 🙂

But I want to touch things before I buy them...

Okay, you’ve got us there. To be honest, we sometimes feel the same way—’cause you can never tell if the images on a computer screen are trustworthy enough (though they are in Prosawood’s shop:) ).

If you’ve already found your way to our site, be sure to check in again from time to time. We’ll surprise you with cool new features and fresh designs 😉

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Your Prosawood 🙂