Are wooden glasses right for you?Published: 26.03.2018

Wooden eyewear - spectacles by Prosawood

Wooden sunglasses and prescription eyewear are quite popular alternatives to plastic and metal eyewear—and they’re far more elegant. But since wood is a relatively new material in the world of eyewear, people naturally wonder whether it’s dependable.

Wooden eyewear—be it sunglasses, reading glasses, or prescription eyewear—is just like eyewear made of any other material. Only better! Still, like everything else in this world, if somebody claims this type of eyewear is suitable for everyone, they’re lying.

We love to help our customers make the right choices when shopping with us. That’s why we’ve put together this short summary of the properties of wooden frames. Most of what’s mentioned here is valid for both prescription eyewear and sunglasses.

Why choose wooden frames?

  • Light: you’ll barely even feel them.
  • Warm: unlike a metal frame, wood will not get bitterly cold.
  • Comfortable: many clients appreciate the fact that wooden frames are a lot more comfortable than the alternatives.
  • Special: metal and plastic frames are generic and mass manufactured. Wood gives the glasses certain specificity—every wooden frame is unique.
  • Ecological: wood is a renewable resource and harms the environment a lot less than plastic frames. In addition, wooden frames are treated with natural oils/waxes, so they won’t irritate your skin.
  • Handicraft: even though we use certain tools to make our frames, such as sanding machines and mills, our frames are still mostly handmade. Manufacturing a single wooden frame takes a lot of time and effort—and it shows in the quality of the final product.
Girl wearing Prosawoods wooden glasses and wood watch
Dark wooden sunglasses with mountains by Prosawood

How should i wear wooden glasses?

  • During normal use, wooden frames are in no way weaker than frames made of other materials. Thus, wooden frames do not require any special care.
  • Wooden frames are quite similar to metal frames. This means that the frames can be damaged when they fall on the ground or if excessive force is applied to them.
  • Because wood is more susceptible to temperature fluctuations, you should not leave your glasses in a sauna, on the dashboard of a car, or out in the cold.

Wooden glasses are not quite for you if you:

  • Constantly use glasses in overly humid environments, like saunas, pools, showers, etc.
  • Constantly damage your glasses. Wood is not elastic, so it cannot be straightened if bent.
  • Have a nose shape that only fits certain frames. Wooden glasses do not allow for nose pads to be adjusted, so a wooden frame is not a very sensible choice in this case. However, note that our glasses are made to fit 90% of people, so hopefully you don’t fall in that 10%!
  • Do extreme sports. If you plan to wear your glasses under snowboarding goggles or while motorcycling, wooden frames may not be the right choice, as wood can break when you fall, and the pieces may injure you.
  • Do not like stylish eyewear or the idea of helping the environment.
glasses with wooden frames by Prosawood

What are some common questions people have?

  • Q: Is it possible to insert other lenses (e.g., photochromic, progressive, or tinted lenses) into a wooden frame?

A: Certainly! Wooden frames are no different than metal frames in this respect. Only glasses that can be found under our prescription eyewear section allow for different lenses to be inserted into the frames.

  • Q: Is it also possible to order polarised sunglasses that also correct vision?

A: Yes, optical sunglasses can be ordered, but not with the sunglass frames—only with frames designed for prescription eyewear. Corrective lenses are stiff and can only be inserted into prescription eyewear.

  • Q: How do you clean wooden eyewear?

A: Exactly as you would clean metal or plastic glasses. It’s recommended that you not clean the glasses by putting them under running tap. Using proper cleaning liquid and cloth helps the glasses last for years.

  • Q: Why does wooden eyewear have small chinks at the temples?

A: Because a wooden frame is stiffer than plastic or metal frames, there has to be a place where you can insert lenses. And since wood is highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations, the chinks are purposefully left so there’s room for the wood to move.

  • Q: If I scrape my lenses, can I get them replaced?

A: Yes, you can. We recommend getting a replacement from the same place where you bought your glasses. We and our partners have experience working with wooden frames and inserting glasses into those frames. Inexperienced shops may unintentionally break the glasses and later blame the frames.

  • Q: Does Prosawood differentiate between men’s and women’s sunglasses?

A: No. All of our eyewear, both prescription eyewear and sunglasses, is designed to perfectly suit both genders.


A: Ah, the most important question of all—from our e-shop, of course! Simply choose sunglasses or prescription eyewear, and pick any model you like 🙂