Are wooden wristwatches right for you?Published: 06.04.2018

Prosawoods wooden watch sideview

Resolving your doubts

A wooden wristwatch may at first glance seem like any other watch, but if this were true, there would be no point in having this discussion. True—a wooden wristwatch it is a timepiece like any other watch, but it is also so much more. Let’s look at some questions you may have regarding wooden wristwatches and their properties.

First some questions that might come to your mind

  1. Are wooden wristwatches more environmentally friendly than metal or plastic watches?

Yes. At least here at Prosawood, we use the residues of the furniture industry that would otherwise end up in someone’s fireplace. Wood is also a renewable resource, and one tree can be used to make hundreds of wristwatches. To top things off, we plant one tree for each product that’s purchased from our e-shop.

  1. Wood itself may be environmentally friendly to use, but the chemistry that is used for processing the watch cases kills every other worker and any other living organism in a three kilometre radius. Is this true?

Yes, this is true. Are you by any chance looking for a job? We’re hiring! Actually, we use very environmentally friendly means for processing our watch cases. As a rule of thumb, this means using only natural wax. We’re absolutely certain that our workshop is also still a home to a pesky fly that’s been around since we first started producing watches.

  1. Are wooden watches so weak that they could break before I even take them out of their cases?

Of course not! Even though wood is a gentler material than metal or plastic, you can still wear it just fine. A wooden watch simply demands more respect—and it should not be used as a bottle opener or a hammer. If you consider a wristwatch to be a beautiful piece of jewellery and a timekeeper, then there’s no cause for concern.

  1. Is a wooden wristwatch heavy for my hand?

What is this nonsense? A wooden watch is actually lighter—so light, in fact, that you may even forget you’re wearing it!

  1. Does Prosawood produce different watches for men and women?

Most of our watches are available in two sizes—small and large. We don’t set any limits on our products, though, as the choice of the right watch depends on your wrist size and preferences.

Are wooden wristwatches right for you?

Prosawood’s wooden wristwatches are perfect for you if you:

…like the idea of giving the environment back more than you have taken from it

…hold Estonian design in high esteem and consider yourself to be a stylish person

…like the idea of having a watch that nobody else in the whole world has

…like it when people praise your sense of fashion and style

…are not afraid of being bold and different and showing this to the world

…do not expect a wooden watch to have the properties of a metal watch

Lifestyle image of wooden watch SUN by Prosawood

The service life of your wooden wristwatch may not be as long as you’d like if you:

…Use the watch while swimming. Wooden watches are splash proof but not waterproof. So don’t go diving while wearing one of these beauties!

…Constantly wear your watch while doing manual labour. That cracking sound you heard was not your back. Our watches are made from real wood and are naturally processed, so they cannot be expected to have the properties of metal or plastic watches.

…Wear the wristwatch in such a way that it keeps constantly getting smeared. Our watches can be cleaned (e.g., with a damp cloth), but if you put them under running water, their service life may decrease.

…Constantly keep your wooden watch on a heater or in another dry environment. Just like in a sauna, where dry wood may become cleaved, this possibility cannot be 100% excluded in the case of watches.

…Like to walk on charcoal with your hands. We don’t know anyone who’s tried this, but the watch will probably suffer as much damage as your hands.

What more should I know about Prosawood wristwatches?

Wood and metal watch from zebra wood - model Tribe by Prosaoowd
  • Most Prosawood watches are covered with extra-strong sapphire glass.
  • Our watches rely on extremely durable quartz mechanisms from Switzerland and Japan.
  • You can add a personal engraving to the backs of all watches.
  • The leather straps of all Prosawood wristwatches can be changed quite easily.
  • Every watch is handcrafted with care, time, and effort and has its own story.
  • You can choose any model you like from our e-shop (under the wristwatch section).
Wooden two colour square watch with leather straps by Prosawood

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