11 Simple Things You Can Do for NaturePublished: 09.05.2018

Father holding his son on shoulders

People understand nature very differently. One person sees nature as trees, another thinks of it as wildlife, and others see it in an entirely different light. But there’s always one constant—no matter how many borders or walls we as humans can create, nature will always be with us.

Nature belongs to all of us. And it’s thus our mutual responsibility to preserve it—for ourselves and our future generations. Most people probably acknowledge that even the smallest changes can make a big difference, but they just don’t know where to start.

We at Prosawood love nature and everything about it, so we’ve decided to share some simple tips with you on how to be more nature friendly and actually feel good for doing so as well! We gathered all these trips from the many great people who contributed their thoughts to our Facebook post.

  1. Use less plastic. Whether it’s a plastic water bottle or a coffee cup, almost everything has an alternative that is made from more eco-friendly materials. Consider using glass bottles—they’re reusable, cost effective, and easy to clean!
  2. Use cotton tote bags instead of plastic bags for shopping. Instead of using another one-time plastic bag that’ll pollute the environment for at least the next 500 years, consider using a cotton bag. Trust us—nowadays, cotton bags are IN, and plastic is OUT!
  3. Ride a bike or walk instead of driving a car. Walking helps preserve not only the environment but also your health. You’ll thank yourself later.
  4. Use public transportation or carpool with friends. People have places to be—we get it. But life is boring if you drive everywhere alone in your own car. Consider hopping on a bus or carpooling with a friend for a change. If you want to be alone, though, the wilderness is a great place to relax 🙂
  5. From clothes to dishes and construction materials to shopping bags, every single thing you recycle is one less piece of garbage—and one more good thing to be proud of.
  6. Sort your garbage. Every piece of dump that’s put in the right container is one step closer to becoming another cool item or package. Try it out yourself, and you’ll find it’s really not as hard as you thought it might be.
  7. Use natural cleansers and cosmetics. Next time you reach for a chemical in the store, stop and consider where it will end up—the sink, drain, a river, a lake, and then your own groundwater. And of course, there’s the dreaded plastic bottle. Fortunately, Google is full of eco-friendly life hacks!
  8. Plant some trees. Trees are the lungs of the earth. Try holding your breath and see how long you can you do it. Wood is one of the great natural resources that we can use, but only if we give more than we take.
  9. Grow your own food. We understand it’s not possible for everyone to grow a garden of their own food, but maybe you can get some from your grandparents, friends, or relatives to make the switch. Alternatively, consider shopping with local farmers who use fewer pesticides.
  10. Smile every day. Though it may seem silly, your smile can make someone’s day much better. And who knows—maybe it prevents them from throwing a cigarette or coffee cup out of frustration 🙂
  11. Set an example. The easiest thing you can do is to set an example for others. Change can only occur if we start with ourselves. Take at least one thing from this list and be consistent with it. Goodness sparks goodness, and you’ll soon find that there are many people around you who care about nature than you could have ever imagined!

At Prosawood, we’re giving back to nature what we’ve taken from it—and much more. That’s why we PLANT A TREE FOR EVERY PRODUCT SOLD by hosting our annual Prosawood Plants gathering. For its third year in a row, Prosawood Plants will be bigger and better than ever before—because we’re going to PLANT THE BIGGEST MAP OF ESTONIA IN THE WORLD! So if there’s still room in your do-good-to-nature list, be sure to visit Ülenurme, Estonia, on May 20th to give your share!

PS: Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends as well! 😉

Man holding plant in his hands - by Prosawood