Venus – Time Is an IllusionPublished: 28.11.2018

Venus - Mystical Watch for Women

“Time is running out.” “There’s not enough time.” “I’m too busy.” Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. And it seems we’re all too busy nowadays to find time for the things we really enjoy. Amid all this commotion and frantic timekeeping, we often forget what’s important in life. At Prosawood, we believe that minutes and hours are fundamentally meaningless—it’s the moment, the present, that really matters.

We often feel like time is running out and that we need more hours in a day to get things done. We sometimes measure minutes and hours as if they define our existence, and comfort ourselves with the thought that we’re at least busy… But what are we really trying to measure?

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Time Is an Illusion

At the beginning of the 20th century, Albert Einstein discovered that time is relative.  Let’s take a minute as an example. If you ask someone who’s enjoying good food with friends by a bonfire how important a minute is to them, their answer will certainly differ from that of the businessman who just lost his flight. So which is more important: measuring time, or cherishing moments? We have to consciously separate this abstract notion of “time” from reality and learn to see, feel, discover, enjoy, and live in the moment. Because it’s all we really have in life.

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Wooden watch Venus Rose Prosawood


For some time now, we’ve wanted to create a wristwatch model exclusively for women—at least for as long as we’ve had these thoughts about time and what’s really important in life. But how do you combine these two thoughts in one? As is always the case with inspiration, it can’t be forced—you need to feed your muse different experiences, discoveries, and thoughts until things eventually become clear on their own.

We discovered that there’s simply no better comparison to feminine beauty than the brightest object in the night sky—Venus. It’s actually a great example of perspective, too, as Venus is the only planet that rotates on its axis in the opposite direction of other planets in our solar system.

So does the sun set in the morning and rise in the late evenings over there? Or are those just relative measures of time that we’ve come to associate with something more tangible? We believe that much more important than the length of the day or the meaning of the year is the persistence of the moment—that even on Venus, the sun still rises and sets, and it doesn’t matter when. It just happens.

Live In The Moment!

We sincerely believe in the importance of living in the moment, and we know how easily it can be forgotten in modern life. That’s why we made a watch that’s just as mystical as the planet that rotates in reverse. We designed our watch to run backward not to make your life more complicated but so it could remind you of the things that are truly important. So you can slow down and take a second to remember that life, at the end of the day, is about more than just your job and commitments.

And after all, if you can measure time with an hourglass in either direction, then why should a wristwatch be any different? Though it may seem a bit strange at first, Venus is perfectly capable of showing you the correct time. You just have to slow down a bit and appreciate this new perspective.

Practice Makes Perfect

We understand that a wristwatch running backwards isn’t exactly ordinary, so we want to make getting used to it as simple as possible. Just follow these instructions, and you’ll soon master the art of checking time—and, more importantly, cherishing the moments you experience in life.

All the hands move counterclockwise, and the numbers on the dial also increase in the counterclockwise direction. By applying the usual method of telling time—reading the hour hand first and then the minute hand—you’ll still get the correct time. It’s that easy.

After wearing this watch for a while, you’ll learn to slow down and appreciate the importance of living in the moment. Trust us—you’ll grow to love it.

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