Prosawood Plants 2019 and 2018 tendance of the Worlds biggest planted mapPublished: 10.05.2019

Prosawood annual planting event

Dear Friends!

Our annual Prosawood Plants event is once again wrapped! Huge thanks to everyone who participated and made their contribution to giving back to nature. About 3,000 new fir trees started growing, on their way to becoming a big and mighty forest one day.

Though it wasn’t a world-record attempt like last year, more than 40 good people still found the time to spend a Saturday out in the fresh air, doing enjoyable work. A day full of lovely people, good music, and cool activities and prizes gave us the power to continue our efforts to keep busy and carry on the tradition next year.

At first, 3,000 plants might have felt like an impossible task, and the forecast wasn’t too promising either. But soon, the participants realized that, when working as a team, 3,000 plants are just a matter of a couple hours. Even the weatherman decided to show his respect to folks with good thoughts and gave us nice, sunny skies. See more pictures here!

What about that record-breaking planted map we made last year?

We’re sure many of you have been thinking about last year’s record event and wondering how those little plants are doing. Well, an exceptionally warm summer didn’t give them much mercy, and to be honest, despite the watering, many of them didn’t make it. But no need to worry, because this place is special to us and we would never let it be forgotten!

While our busy worker bees were on the other side of the town planting this year’s trees, we also had some people taking care of the planted map! All of the dried plants were replaced with new, viable trees. We’re giving our best we can to make sure that in a few years, everyone will be able to find some joy in this landmark!

Let’s encourage others.

Every big thing ever accomplished started from something small. With only a couple of hours of planting, each one of us gave life to approximately 75 trees. Now, imagine: If there are seven billion people in the world, and only 0.01% of decided to do the same every year, we would have 52.5 million new trees planted each year! So share the word and let your friends know what a pleasant activity the planting is. Let’s clean the air together.

See you next year!

Yours, Prosawood