Prosawood wooden phone case box

This new version of phone covers is a huuuge step forward from the previous ones we offered. We have gathered our knowledge from making our old phone cases and teamed up with experts to come up with something beautiful but also very durable. But it isn’t just about the durability, of course. What makes them EXTRA SPECIAL are the stories behind each phone case design. We have over 20 designs for you to choose from and we guarantee you can find one that fits your personality perfectly.

Wanna know more why these phone cases are unique and why it took us so long to perfect these products?

wooden phone case

The back of the case is what makes these cases unique. It’s our secret ingredient! As usual, we can’t get enough of wood, which is kind of the soul for all of our products here at Prosawood, but we wanted something more sturdy than just a regular oak layer. After all, the phone cases must be able to protect your phones! We know how much we love our phones so durability was our #1 priority. We tested tons of different technologies to find a solution where we can make these phone cases smoothly dark and woody, yet still very durable. The result, after months of research and experimentation, is the use of Estonian-made thermo-treated oak layer which, by the way, was created based on our own developed techniques.

Though it may seem simple, fabricating and installing the wooden part of the phone cover takes a lot of work and has several stages. First, we needed to find a good piece of oak layer and cut the shape with only a quarter of a millimeter precision. It’s not easy, we are telling you, and it’s only the first step of many. After cutting it, we glued a special cloth beneath the wood to make it more elastic and strong. After gluing and using several tons of weights for pressing, that’s the time we started on the design— the stage where each cover finds its uniqueness.


Thanks to the thermoplastic defensive edges, our wooden phone covers are not bulky at all. We have tested a huge amount of the usual materials used in phone covers for several months. There are those mediocre plastic pieces that are really cheap but they break so easily. However, most durable materials are triple the size of smartphones. Not sexy at all! You see, our basic criteria while developing our new cases were:

  • They have to be durable and elastic
  • They have to be slim
  • They have to be comfortable and easy to grip

After doing intensive research like detectives out on a mission, we stumbled upon a material with a fancy name – Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). We tested it and instantly knew it was the one we’ve been looking for. We don’t want to bore you with chemical stuff so let’s just say that it’s the same material used in the medical and space industry. Nuff said.

woood phone cover

Let’s be honest here, nothing makes us shriek louder than when our phones hit the ground. To make sure your case doesn’t slip off your hand, we made the edges of our phone cases just a bit jagged. Yep, just enough to attach to your hands like an invisible glue. It might seem like a pointless feature, but trust us – it is like heated seats of a car in -30 degrees. Once you try it, there is no going back!


Obviously, the main purpose of the phone case is to protect your phone, but that’s not all we want it to do. And we’re sure that that’s not what you just want either. We want everything we own, even as simple as a phone case, to reflect who we are– our personality, our taste…what we believe in. Our phone cover designs are not just pretty pictures on the back of your phone, but works of art that express world views, feelings, and philosophies. Each one has something to tell. That’s exactly why each of our design comes with a small story.


As in everything we do, we wish to offer you more than you expect. A little extra here, a little extra there, to make each one of you happy. That’s why we didn’t hold ourselves back while creating these phone cases for you. We extended our creativity and love to the packaging. After all, a lovely product deserves only a lovely package. If you decide to gift one for your friend, the wow effect is guaranteed before he even sees the phone cases.

Seriously, we are so proud of these marvelous phone cases. And once you wrap your phones in them, you’d be proud to show them off, too. We guarantee it.

Prosawood product box