Socks, again?! What do people really want for giftsPublished: 15.11.2019

making gifts

We all love getting gifts. Most of us also enjoy giving gifts; after all, the joy of giving is always greater than the joy of receiving. Most of us, though, find picking the right gift a real challenge. Either we don’t get a cool idea, or the cool idea turns out to be insanely expensive. To help you find your way through the gift-giving maze, we spent some time reviewing some global surveys on it. Hopefully we can make Your choices even a little bit simpler by sharing what we learned 😊

Before we get to the actual selection, we must face the sad music: according to various surveys, 70-80% of people do not like their gifts. Most of such gifts will never be used and just sit around, but some people also donate, sell, or even re-gift their gifts. Let’s be honest, nobody is happy about a useless gift; not the giver, who spent time and money, not the receiver, or even nature which provides all the resources. We are positive that your gift will not turn out like that, but let’s just see what people actually prefer getting.

What DO people want for gifts?

According to a Time Magazine survey, people mostly prefer fashionable accessories (29% of the sample) or jewelry (27%). 26% of the people also enjoy holiday-themed food and beverages. A little more than a tenth of the questioned would like to get money instead, but honestly – there is little emotion in that.

Even more significant than the gift itself are its attributes. According to 40% of the 2000 people surveyed by, the most important thing is for the gift to have meaning. A lot of people also valued the element of surprise and a personalized or customized item made just for the receiver. No wonder really, because who of us wants to get another chocolate elf or some other silly thing grabbed from the store at the last minute.

How to wrap it? Do we even have to?

Once we have selected the gift, we move on to the next challenge – wrapping. The best option would be to stylize the appearance yourself but if DIY is not your thing, we need another idea. In any case there is absolutely no point in polluting the nature with a plastic wrapper or some other chemical material. According to Forbes Magazine, both givers and receivers are becoming much more environmentally aware: half the givers and almost 2/3 of receivers are happy not to have the gift wrapped at all.

If you do prefer to add a little excitement with a wrapper, we kindly suggest going for a more eco-friendly and special option. Here are some ideas for You to maintain the element of surprise along with our environment:

  • use an old box that’s been sitting around and which you can customize with drawings, poems or paper decorations;
  • make a wrapper or a gift bag out of old newspapers;
  • wrap a gift in a piece of cloth which you can dye with food coloring for excitement.

Still, what to gift?

The best gift for your nearest and dearest is the time you spent with them. No matter how awesome and well-thought your gift is, the greatest joy comes from shared moment. So why not gift your dad a cool fishing trip, a memorable cooking course for your mom, or a romantic getaway for your partner 😊

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Happy holiday season!