Prosawood plants 2020… autumn!Published: 05.05.2020

Prosawood Plants

Dear friend,

As You may already know for a while, we plant a tree for every product purchased. For us, this isn’t  however just a fad, sound bite or a one-off trick, this year, the Prosawood planting day is celebrating its 5-year MINI-JUBILEE! 🙂 Precisely – for four years now, each Spring, we have done good for the nature with awesome people like You. Altogether we have planted more than 11,000 trees! It’s unbelievable that this simple principle of “give more than You take” has grown into something this cool. 🙂

Planting in Autumn 2020

None of us are untouched by the difficulties experienced around the world, so this year we have decided to organise Prosawood Planting Day in Autumn. Firstly, of course, because Autumn is the time we will hopefully be able to spend time safely together again and enjoy a pleasant day in nature to the maximum. Secondly, just to make sure all the trees will start growing – Estonian climate only offers two reasonable seasons for planting trees. 🙂

Theoretically, we could still go out, keeping distance from each other, but we care about good people just as much as about nature. This would also mean an unfinished job, and as You hopefully know, that’s not our style! Besides – planting more than 4000 tress with just our team would probably be quite the test 🙂

If You still don’t get anything, then don’t worry – we have put together this crash course of all the previous Prosawood planting days for You. Click on the title to see our emotions and thoughts, written down right after each event. Brace Yourself and jump into the time machine! 🙂

People: 3

It was our first year of planting, when we already realized, it would be so much more fun if there were more of good people. Even then, we could not hold ourselves back and planted about 20% more trees than planned  🙂

2017 aka more people, more fun

People: 40

Surprisingly for us, the first public Prosawood planting day brought together 40 people with whom the work just flew by. And again, we planted significantly more trees than originally planned. New normality? 🙂


People: 140

The most special and spectacular planting day so far. This wasn’t just “building a forest”. With the accuracy of a few tens of centimetres, we planted together THE WORLD’S LARGEST PLANTED MAP OF A COUNTRY! But as propriate to a world record, we can’t not to mention the concert, party, show and all those awesome people… 🙂

2019 aka time to gather some thoughts

People: 46

After an awesome world record, we decided to take a year more easily to focus on the main mission – equipping You with the world’s coolest sunglasses, watches and phone cases! 🙂 Of course, we did not forget our promise and we even planted a few more trees than planned, even though there was no band that year and the weather played some tricks on us.

By now, Your heart is probably racing and fingers are sweaty thinking of all the planting and action and awesome people. As already said, there is no need to worry, because even if might not be an ordinary time of the for PW Plants – it will come! Stay tuned! 😉

Your Prosawood