Chill Out

Durable thermoplastic edge

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People tend to get lost in the everyday buzz from time to time and despite what they say, not every problem can be solved with hard work. The truth is that often, the solution to your problem is right in front of your nose. Just take some time off, enjoy life and chill out. This is the case talisman for everyone who knows how important it is to take time off and smell the roses.

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Chill Out

Durable thermoplastic edge
Wooden layer is made of natural oak
Exclusive gift box
Over 40 phone models
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Estonian design
Case - Apple - Iphone 5 / 5s / SE - Chill Out - 03-01-02-01-44 - Prosawood

Our phone cases are no mere decorations. Equipped with a polymer layer, the sturdy plastic frame ensure your phone’s edges and corners remain protected, and our unique oak base guards your phone’s back. The edges of the case even extend over the screen to protect your phone when you place it face down on a surface. As part of our initiative to reduce our ecological footprint, we’ve opted to use recycled wood from the furniture industry as our oak veneer. To finish our cases, we top them off with two layers of lacquer, which makes them very durable and scratchproof.

We currently offer cases for 41 models from 5 phone manufacturers.