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This unique design combines two of our most popular sunglasses models: Forest and Everest. We hope it reminds you to always aspire to reach the greatest heights in the world. But we also want you to remember how important it is to find your inner peace and relax, as though you were on a leisurely hike through a forest.

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Every wooden frame for the glasses is a unique piece of craftsmanship, its production has taken great skill and effort. The design and final finishing is done in the sweet creative city of Estonia, Tartu. The wooden blanks are supplied to us by a manufacturer with over 10 years of experience. We always use as environmentally friendly materials and work methods as possible.


Prosawood only uses polarized lenses with UV 400 protection while producing sunglasses. Polarized lens is a multi-layered lens, which reduces reflective light and thus greatly decreasing the strain your eyes experience. Blocking UV light gives the necessary protection for your eyes against the harmful UV radiation.

What are TAC polarized lenses?

TAC polarized lenses represent the multi-layered technology, which is able to block some of the reflective light from smooth surfaces. Due to this, your eyes will not tire, not having to constantly react to different intensity of light. Polarized lenses help to create better contrast, helping to better sense objects.


Prosawood engraving module allows you to make your sunglasses totally unique. Be it a beautiful saying, a symbol that adds spiritual strength or an important logo, all this can be added to the inside of the spectacle handle to make them even more personal. 

If you are not sure whether your idea is doable, be sure to contact us and in cooperation our designer, we will find a suitable design for you 😎

1 product = 1 tree planted


For every product sold, Prosawood team will plant one tree in the soil for you. We have been doing this for the past 6 years! 

At Prosawood, we always do our best to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That is why we always try to use the most environmentally friendly techniques and tools possible in the production of our products. When wearing our products, you can be sure that no trees were cut from the rainforest. And hundreds of Prosawood products can be made from one tree only! 🙂

You can find more information about our planting days on our website.

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